Our customer service team will assist you in deciding which type of sign is best for your company.

Billboard Signs

Billboard Signs | Eastex Signs LLC - Houston, TX

Billboard signs are an excellent way to draw customers into your business. They can be placed along the highway for people to see...

LED Signs

LED Signs | Eastex Signs LLC - Houston, TX

LED signs are stylish and attractive ways to promote your business and its services, but these stylish items need specialized...

Sign Repair

Sign Repair | Eastex Signs LLC - Houston, TX

Keeping billboard signs, LED signs and other advertisement displays current and up-to-date is imperative. Attractive signage engages...


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Welcome to Eastex Signs LLC. Full Sign Service Since 1999.

Eastex Signs LLC is a sign specialist with over 20 years of experience. Their business provides service to LED signs, digital signage, and billboard signs to keep your business advertisements up-to-date for current and potential customers. Eastex Signs LLC will also perform sign installation services and offer custom business signs per request.

Eastex Signs LLC has been offering signage services to Houston area businesses since 1990. Signage products and services include:

• Commercial signs
• Sign installation
• Custom business signs
• Parking Lights
• Lighted Signs
• Sign repairs
• Sign painting
• Awnings
• Free Estimates
• Outstanding Customer Service
• Billboard Installations
• Billboard Repairs

Whether you are looking for signage for a local business, or need updated billboard signs or LED signs for a national chain, the customer service team at Eastex Signs LLC will assist you in deciding which type of sign is best for your company. Free estimates are provided for all signage services, including sign restoration and repair and design of custom business signs.

LED signs take special training to repair and maintain, and the contractors at Eastex Signs LLC have training on how to handle these specialized displays to keep them looking appealing to all potential customers who drive by. For billboard signs, when weather changes and every day wear-and-tear leaves your sign looking faded and worn, they’ll be there to provide sign restoration that will bring color and life back into your advertisements.

Don’t hesitate in adding some extra billboard signs or LED signs to your advertisement plan. Eastex Signs LLC will give you free estimates on all services, and the welcoming team of customer service specialists will help you create an array of business signage options that will be sure to grab the attention of any potential customers who view them. For the fastest service in Texas, call Joe today for more information on what Eastex Signs LLC can do for you