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About Eastex Signs LLC

About Us | Eastex Signs LLC - Houston, TX

Eastex Signs LLC was built on integrity without compromise. They offer the fastest sign repair and sign restoration services in the Houston area, and are certified to assist in putting up billboard signs, restoring current billboards, and repairing or replacing LED signs.

Their sign business was started right here in Texas, and since 1990, they’ve taken on sign painting, sign repair, and sign restoration jobs all across the Houston area. The team at Eastex Signs LLC is dedicated to guaranteeing customer satisfaction, and work to achieve your advertisement goals through the use of custom business signs and a variety of other services.

If you’re a new local business just getting started, they can help you stay within your budget by creating eye-catching business signage to attract customers as part of your marketing plan. The team understands how important it is to build a good customer base and they promise to provide quality sign designs—both billboard sign style and LED signs—that will catch the eyes of any passers-by.

Down the road, when you need sign repair or sign restoration, you can contact Eastex Signs LLC again for the same great customer service you experienced during the initial interaction.

For information on all services for sign repair, restoration, sign installation, billboard signs and LED signs, call Eastex Signs LLC today!