LED Signs

LED Signs

LED Signs | Eastex Signs LLC - Houston, TX

LED signs are stylish and attractive ways to promote your business and its services, but these stylish items need specialized maintenance and repair services. Fortunately for businesses in and around Houston, Eastex Signs LLC has the technicians and know how to service these displays anytime you need.

To ensure customer satisfaction, they work directly with the owners of LED signs and communicate with manufacturers to ensure warranties are honored and find out-of-warranty support if needed. For installation of LED signs, free estimates are provided for all services and varying sign sizes.

Eastex Signs LLC provides sign restoration and repair for LED signs in any setting, including:

• Banks
• Sports arenas
• Casinos
• Highway and interstate signs
• Theatres
• Schools
• Airports
• And More!

Within these businesses, they are able service the following types of LED signs and displays:

• Timers and scoreboards
• RGB billboard signs
• Financial and sports information tickers
• Transportation and traffic displays
• Outdoor message centers
• Full indoor matrix displays
• And much more!

The technicians at Eastex Signs LLC understand that businesses rely on their LED signs to communicate vital information about both the business and any services they provide. LED signs can also create a positive image to potential customers, and for this reason, Eastex Signs LLC aims to provide total customer satisfaction from installation of LED signs through any maintenance that may be done. Extended service hours are offered for our customers, and free estimates are provided on all types of service options provided.

If you’ve been thinking about adding an attractive LED display to the front of your business, or putting up LED signs as part of your marketing plan, contact Eastex Signs LLC today for more information on how they can help promote your business today!